How large data privacy protection

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Big Data has been discussed for three consecutive Boao Forum for Asia this year, attended by guests no longer discuss the opportunities and potential of big data, have turned to the topic of privacy. March 28 morning in 2015 Boao Forum for Asia "big data limitations, mistakes and truth" television debate, gentlemen expand hot big data privacy issues. Baidu CEO Zhang believes the protection of data privacy is a big Internet company's responsibility. Gree Dong Mingzhu, chairman of the view that big data can have security problems, but can not because there are no street thief. There are also several foreign friends for big data and privacy, expressed their views.
Careful users may find, I do not know when to start the search over a product, followed by the computer came with ad pages and before long all search-related products. Search for a band, the same type of information will appear automatically linked. Individual demand, when a user needs in this regard and triggers, and data analysis and precise positioning behind intelligent indeed help users learn the more information they might be interested in, or even knowledge, really convenient. References Baidu CEO Ya-Qin Zhang's words: "In respect of personal privacy, under data privacy premise, the development of large data can benefit society is, for example, through a multi-dimensional data analysis, we can recommend to you for your movies, restaurants, and even the band. to changes in the real economy of production and business model. "

Gree Dong Mingzhu, chairman of the examples used in industrial applications illustrate the power of big data. She mentioned that air conditioning can now monitor all quality issues in Zhuhai, data monitoring them through until the consumer to call the warranty, you can find out where the air conditioner out of the question. She believes that large data security is very important, once the company's data leakage would be catastrophic. However, she also pointed out that the era of big data has arrived, must move forward, and go up to know how to use, better control. "This is like a thief can not because of the street, we will never stay at home do not go shopping." From a business perspective, there is a large market demand data.


Apple Watch the game

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Also, make smart watches Dezhuan, not Motorola and Samsung, and only apples. Before Apple Watch, smart watches poor performance, right? According to market research firm Smartwatch Group's report, the current sales of smart watch is not high, in 2014 the total sales of less than seven million. The industry is expected to open April 20 to sell Apple Watch the first year sales will be about 20 million. Earlier, many manufacturers have released Android Wear equipment, but not many people use. Apple Watch makers hope to be successful, Android Wear equipment can also follow hot up, these are the best examples
With Apple Watch the pandemic, Apple will promote the Smart Watch this wearable computing development. Imagine, iphone popular, can not afford the iphone, but also had to buy a phone with a high degree of similarity millet or Samsung had a fantastic time. It will also bring innovative gameplay. Because once the smart watch popular, game designers have struggled to please only smart watch. Whenever a new digital platform popular, whether it is pc, mobile phone or tablet, the game never been dropped.


Different same grumbling 4G

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With more and more people began to use the 4G network, various complain tucao circle of friends are on the increase, especially in the 4G network is slower than 3G networks such cases, it is simply a professional joke. We can understand, optimize 4G network will take time, but this time as short as possible, during this period, along with grumbling after another, is bound to adversely affect the expansion of 4G users (not to mention the details of operations in 4G there are many issues to allow users unhappy), if not resolved, it is possible for the hope of a big plan on bathing 4G, 5G and then in turn demands it! ?
Since December 2013 TD-LTE license issued to the three operators began again until February 2015, China Telecom and China Unicom issued license LTE-FDD, and then during the two sessions, chairman of China Mobile LTE-FDD license from the Ministry of Industry. Three operators around 4G business license issues continue infighting days are the past, turned into building their 4G network optimization and 4G users to expand the scale, especially in the stock of the user of the competition stage, the quality of saliva on 4G network war will continue. However, information on the various ways to contact the run, the three operators of 4G networks tucao also emerging. In a personal view, it is worth attention operators required for 4G network constantly collect user experience, and timely reflection and improvement.


Lenovo's depressed and worry

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Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing in the future on the theme "- where the next outlet? "The high-end dialogue shelling hijack security software for PC users, said:" Regardless of the name is a security, in the name of the housekeeper, the association will not easily put our customers pay out because I want my device has the most. good security, with the best butler service, with very convenient application download platform. "frankly, see Yang This statement shelling, just start to feel somewhat unexpected, but a little discretion is not hard to find, Zhefan shelling behind Yang's recent series of encounters with the association or business performance are not unrelated.

The first is the recently exposed Lenovo PC pre-installed software called "Superfish" (the one to be able to broker a way to hijack SSL link, can affect the Google search IE and Chrome and other browsers on the results in the case without the user's permission and can be embedded in their own advertising pages in the user's browser) which may lead to the user's PC information security risk events. In this case, although the association has made a lot of explanation, but many users still been accused, and even reported that Lenovo has therefore been more than the user's actions, its official website has also been dissatisfied with the move of the association hackers . The US government also came forward to say, users should remove some Lenovo notebook models Superfish preinstalled software. The software will bring information security risks. 

According to another report, on a global scale are likely to affect about 10 million units Lenovo laptop. See big negative impact on the pre-installed "Superfish" software to Lenovo PC brand in terms of business caused by, but in order to quell the incident as soon as possible, the association plans to offer Intel's McAfee security software LiveSafe the six-month free subscription to the relevant client privilege and also announced plans to "substantially" reduce the number of pre-installed software on the new PC. In addition, the alleged removal tool released by Microsoft to help clean up the more than 60,000 sets of the association "infect" the Superfish software for PC. Ironically, the original association with Superfish from trading profit of about $ 500,000, but the adverse effects included in this event for the association to bring and subsequent public relations costs, the actual value of the deal will only between $ 20-25 million. You know, the current weakness in the global PC industry, but the association's main business (source of profit and revenue) is still the PC the moment, this event is definitely worth the wait for the association. More importantly, it reflects from one side of the PC makers profit difficult (by pre supplemented by third-party software to improve profitability) and Lenovo for the third pre-screening software and the lack of ability to control the


Singapore's former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew's death

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In the half-century political career, Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's lead development in 30 years to become one of the most affluent and prosperous country in Asia, as the "founding father of Singapore", is one of the most successful politician of the 20th century. And in relations with China, he is an old friend of the Chinese people, for some time we have mixed feelings lie. 

91-year-old Lee Kuan Yew due to pneumonia on February 5 admission, has since been at the Singapore General Hospital for treatment. Singapore Prime Minister's Office since February 21 release of Lee Kuan Yew's health, so far has released 10 parts bulletin. 

Lee's state of health has been poor in recent years.September 2008, he was briefly hospitalized because of arrhythmia. In the same year by the end of November, Lee Kuan Yew, and underwent surgery to install a pacemaker. 
Early November 2011, Lee Kuan Yew's daughter revealed that Lee Kuan Yew with peripheral neuropathy, there is not a steady pace condition. 
February 15, 2013, Lee Kuan Yew for "suspected transient ischemic attack", accompanied by symptoms of arrhythmia period of hospitalization. 
Lee Kuan Yew was born in September 1923, from 1959 to 1990 served as Prime Minister of Singapore, then has to stay on State-owned governance Yew until May 2011. Lee Kuan Yew is still a Member of Parliament. Because of poor physical condition, Lee Kuan Yew few public appearances in recent months.


Boao Forum for Asia

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Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2015 will be held in Boao, Hainan Province, China held March 26 to 29, the annual meeting on the theme "Asia New Future: Towards a common destiny." Around the theme of the annual meeting formal discussions were set 77 games, including two plenary of the General Assembly, 41 sub-forum, six roundtable discussions and other topics related to macro-economic, regional cooperation, industrial restructuring, technological innovation, political security, social and livelihood, six Large areas. 

Ministers from various countries, according to Zhou Wenzhong introduced, or with the leaders attending the forum are expected to be over 80, and will have 65 of the Fortune 500 company's chairman, CEO attended the annual meeting, and another 132 Fortune 500 companies sent Asia and China, were present. According to the Secretariat of the final statistics, to attend the annual meeting of the official representative for 1772 people, media, 1014, the total size of 2786 people from 49 countries and regions.

Monetary policy will focus on issues. People's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan will work with the Bank of Japan, the German central bank officials, former US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, President of the Australian sovereign funds and other economic and financial community attended the "prospect of unconventional monetary policy," sub-forum in the 29th providing authoritative analysis on the world economic outlook and monetary policy. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Lou Jiwei will work with IMF, World Bank, OECD and other international organizations, as well Bundesbank, Turkish Ministry of Finance and other ministers attended the sub-forum "G20 and the global economic agenda" in the 28th, on how G20 play a better role in global economic governance in-depth discussion. 

Entrepreneurship, innovation is the annual meeting of the new highlights. Microsoft founder Bill Gates will be held on the 29th and some entrepreneurs dialogue on technology, innovation and sustainable human development issues, Baidu CEO Robin Li, will serve as chair. "Internet thinking" sub-forum on the same day, Tencent, Baidu, Sina, Jingdong Internet industry and the financial elite Ma Weihua, Pan Shiyi, the real estate sector, household appliances and other traditional industries Dong Mingzhu community leaders transboundary dialogue. 

The annual meeting, social and livelihood security and political issues also occupy a certain proportion, such as food safety, anti-corruption and government-business relations, viruses and human relations, haze and health, intergenerational mobility and family heritage and so on. Among them, the Supreme People's Court Zhou will work with India, South Africa, Russia, Brazil and other BRIC countries justices attended the 29th entitled "draconian pollution: the judicial power" sub-forum, continue to "have teeth green "hot topic during the two sessions.


2015 the first year of the electric car

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During the two sessions to discuss new energy vehicles once again become a hot topic of representatives. Charges to discuss this issue, which is "heat." Draft of the National Energy Commission to develop the "electric vehicle charging infrastructure plan," a reference to the charge pile 2020 will reach 4.5 million, in Shanghai, the new energy policy adjustment car license, charging pile card must be installed in order to freedom; in Beijing, public charging infrastructure pile also vigorously promote efforts to achieve a public network service charges radius of five kilometers before the end of 2015 in six of the inner ring.
14 years of the end of November, the four departments of the Ministry of Finance website development, "in the new energy vehicle charging facilities reward notice" to promote the use of the model number and infrastructure to meet the standards and other new energy vehicles to promote the application conditions, the central the government will allocate funds to encourage charging facilities. Range of new energy vehicles subsidies to expand their charging infrastructure, will be another major advantage for the promotion of new energy vehicles on the road.


Internet companies cross-border car

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A few days ago, Apple patched who appeared in major news media, the domestic Internet companies have not been idle. A few days ago, Baidu deep learning laboratory of the Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport to complete a framework cooperation agreement with Alibaba SAIC also announced that 10 billion years of the joint venture company "Internet car fund." Until a few very lively music, such as cars China has too many Internet companies along with the car. 
Although the prevalence of cross-border, but why are so many other Internet companies in the IT industry do not cross, the automotive industry and the cross? What is their purpose?
Cross-border Internet companies, it seems that all vehicle-related, but it is an entirely different direction. Stratification.
This thing is very easy to see the confusion, we just remember that it is important to be able to see, this is how to make money.
First of all, the car is a commodity, you can make money by selling cars. Internet companies, IT companies make cars selling cars, you can get money, this is the first level of cross-border Internet IT companies repairer. 

The reason for the cross-border repairer, because the ceiling or bottlenecks encountered in the main business, the need for a new business to sustain growth, shareholders are looking for earnings figures. Apple made electric cars, music, as ready-made electric cars, things are at this level.


chinaenclosure: Hong Kong Federation condemned the siege of mainla...

chinaenclosure: Hong Kong Federation condemned the siege of mainla...: SHENZHEN OMK ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD http://www.chinaenclosure.com Hong Kong activists on the 8th " anti-parallel-off " in the n...

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Hong Kong Federation condemned the siege of mainland visitors

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Hong Kong activists on the 8th "anti-parallel-off" in the name of provocative, abusive, surrounded by mainland tourists, stimulate public outrage, the Hong Kong Chinese Importers and Exporters Association of Hong Kong Island Federation and other organizations, such as the 12th Hong Kong media continued strong condemned the atrocities. 
12, Hong Kong police arrested nine people, seven people involved in demonstrations in Tuen Mun, two men were arrested in Tsim Sha Tsui, including high school and college students. A 24-year-old man was arrested on the 12th morning in Tuen Mun Magistrates Court accused brought to court a common attack, HK $ 3000 bail pending trial, before the May 5 test ban involved in Tuen Mun.
Hong Kong Chinese Importers and Exporters Association, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Political Consultative Conference, Hong Kong Island Federation on behalf of the Association and other ports on the 12th Hong Kong newspaper published in the federal statement strongly condemns the continued humiliation of customer behavior, said that once violence as the norm, Hong Kong will be no peace. Declares the name refers to the anti-parallel evil thug, seriously affecting business operations, people's lives, ignoring the law and undermine the international reputation of Hong Kong, called on Hong Kong people strongly condemned the acts of shame, to maintain stability and harmony in Hong Kong.


Apple conference

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Mr. Cook put this secret. Apple's choice of China Open meetings are open retail hot scene, not only the other side of the Pacific immediately ignite, but with ulterior motives, to show their strength and power. The fastest growing people, most of (the middle class population growth) are so attractive market potential, growth prospects are still open, spinning the big heat wave of West Bay area. Capital markets can be assured that we Apple invincible, we can not just rely on innovation to invent new iPad tablet PC market and other markets open, as the oldest living alone dominant crown, we can also be found in the old market, discover, explore new user ensure profits. 
Apple microchannel meter section appears, but the uncertainty is placed. After all, only when a feature introduced micro-channel display, but also highlighted the moderator said that this is one of my Chinese friends. According to pretend to guess, if the micro-channel advertising for international users should be in the Apple press conference, it may not be specifically mentioned this is one of my Chinese friends (with special emphasis on international strategy should not be produced in China). So personally speculate that this is apples and microchannel mutual advantage, Apple once again mention China. Ah, we are Chinese people, business and so on.
Apple in China may be more exciting table synchronization market. Attention may be relatively mobile phone access and fewer regulatory hurdles, but personally I prefer to think that the importance of the Chinese market, Apple's promotion of such synchronization. One day in the Chinese market than the US market share of Apple's revenue, you can go to China, the meeting opened. We will also see the press conference more Chinese elements, like today's video store opened in Hangzhou, the fans, a terrace, bike, bridge, you can simply add two pandas Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games in tow (back yard, She appeared in another part of China's grandfather playing photos!) ......
I want to live to see the time, nearly one fifth of the Earth's 1.4 billion population, China is not serious before? If bullied, to determine the importance of your purchasing power of multinational companies. The spending power of Chinese American goods in the production scale growth, assuming that a quarter of the spending power of Chinese and Americans, a population, which is an American, why the United States can nurture our era's most successful business? I think a sufficient amount of purchasing power to match the market, is a necessary condition, it is Facebook, Google and Amazon, companies such as Apple may only need to appear in the most intense in the United States is the global economic dominance. Recalling the rapid growth of today's China, millet also confirmed this logic, they rely on the emergence and success with another US economic growth.


Apple Watch

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A new conference in Beijing this morning, most of the time this spring to leave Apple at Apple again observe food wearable smart devices want to use thousands of products at a press conference held after V2.0, shy to last four May 26 release date, surprisingly, the first in mainland China in the list. 
While Apple see most elements were found a few months before, but this does not affect the fruit powder for Canadian Conference continues to appreciate, especially at a news conference, dedicated to the production of a variety of materials selection Apples produce a special look at the process video to explain, although this video is netizen called "heap ingot Art Tour" (LEI consider inverted output values? this is due to PR red millet). Of course, from a historical point of view, even iPhone5C it (called) a cost-effective products and the plastic cover of the process and feeling good, not to mention the original appearance of respect and craft watches represent.
This is the first time we see only "looks totally, can be called" smart watch (of course, Moto360 also good, but not so much look at Apple's style was a little disappointed), but it is very unfortunate that the terms of these fines see Apple's watch, it still does not jump out of the limitations of existing smart meter function definition.
Overall, Apple see the scene, in addition to traditional electronic form have been able to see this tool functions, but also represent the following categories: conversation, social, health, and authorization.
Apple's move to the end to see the watch via Bluetooth phone, but in real life, and this demand is rarely the case of - certainly not in Hollywood, the movie is 007 years of war and other spy has a lot of similar plot, thus requiring look, practical value than the value of marketing.


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After the Chinese women want to track ancient glorious image, mountains and rivers and plains vegetation Pangu era incarnation, manufacturing has fallen the task of the goddess's body, which means that there is no goddess naturally not compelling. Chinese goddess of the dawn of legend and even its importance even more than Pangu, because the whole world is not that she does not get angry. Striking similarities between "made man", the legend, the West and the East, they also have a man on the eve of that in addition to the legendary Western woman is the seventh rib made man, a woman is a man's legendary West vassal. 
God is the God of creation Many Western women, even though there is no lack of later Christian image of the Virgin, the faithful to pray now singing "哈利路亚海." Women's history is no foreign forces, but they still exist after. World culture in ancient history and mythology are the same, but in the eyes of history archaeologists, some time is a matriarchal society, the highest authority of each clan are women, the presence of women has been the creation and modification time.
"Women hold up half the sky," the modern version, and Wu Tang support the entire day at a time, although only a few years of martial arts, "Kaiyuan spirit" is concerned, Wu Bangguo, chairman of the "golden years of heritage," the. Song to the Qing Dynasty's feet become wonderful aesthetic development "lotus feet" type of woman to man endured the pain for thousands of feet, sacrifice and dedication is indescribable. Although there is nothing, but for men and women, which seems to make the "red crown and root of anger" to change history. "Feat."


US ambassador was attacked

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According to South Korean news reports have March 5, the US ambassador to South Korea Li Zhaoxing compensation faced a sudden attack and bite the unknown man, was taken to hospital bleeding. 
According to reports, a man suddenly attacked Lee Baite, shouting "against the war training", causing severe facial injuries Lee compensation
US Ambassador Li Zhaoxing compensate recently in Seoul, suddenly attacked the way to participate in activities, seriously. On Tuesday, police said, local time, 5:00, about 7:40 minutes, Lee compensation to Seoul Sejongcenter classes face a sudden attack, the injured person. Local police have detained the murderer and investigation.


Siberia mysterious pit

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Back in early 2013, is located in Siberia giant pit of unknown causes and preventive measures. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported recently, February 23, Russian scientists also found that in the three pits found four newly formed crater. However, scientists do not know why, these huge pits. Russian scientists say, it is necessary to start an emergency investigation. 

Early 2013, a helicopter pilot reported last year from Cobo gas field 20 miles (about 32 kilometers) found a huge pit. Because this region found seven similar crater. The reason these big holes, many scientists say, these huge black holes may be due to the formation of global warming, permafrost temperature gas explosion in the area. 

Science professor, deputy director of oil and gas Vasily bogoyavlensky Institute of the Russian Academy, said: "In the Arctic, we found seven similar crater, five located in the Yamal peninsula, an autonomous region on the Yamal peninsula, Claes another location. Krasnoyarsk (Siberia City) in the northern region, "he added:." We only know the specific location of four giant pits, and four other newly discovered three sites a huge crater has evolved into two lakes, local herdsmen, "and Yamal - pit was not found. "Professor Vasily said," I know we should not allow people to panic, but we must be careful to look at these new findings a huge pit.

It is reported that in the four huge pit, the researchers named B2 is very interested in a huge crater. COBO pit in the gas sector in the south last year, only 6 miles (9.7 km). In the satellite images do not show any signs of a huge crater, but recent satellite images show that there is a huge area of ??5000 square meters of the lake.

According to reports, by a lake 100 meters long, 50 meters wide puddle evolution. In addition, the Great Lakes about 1--2 meters wide puddle.

In addition, residents living in another pit Yamal Peninsula, said the report, before a huge hole and saw a flash. Researchers also suspect that permafrost is so huge pit of global warming caused by the formation of explosive gas


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After the central bank announced interest rates on deposits, some banks to cut interest rates rise, not fall

March 1 foreign media reports said, with the authorities' efforts to support the weak growth in China, China's central bank announced on February 28, the financial institution will deposit and lending rates by 25 basis points. Analysts say many due to weak economic indicators, the central bank's move is largely expected. This measure will take effect on March 1.

February 28, according to Agence France-Presse reported that Beijing announced last month that in 2014 China's GDP grew by 7.4%, which is the lowest level in 24 years.
People's Bank of China said in a statement that it will one-year benchmark deposit rate down to 2.5 percent, one-year benchmark lending rate down to 5.35% at its website.
The People's Bank said that one of the factors prompting it to take this measure is "historically low inflation."
Kay CIC International Macroeconomic Advisers, chief Asia economist Mark Williams cautioned that this latest move to cut interest rates "will mainly help larger enterprises."

Reuters reported on February 28, held in China on the eve of the annual meeting of the National People's Congress, the country's central bank cut interest rates on the same day implementation, which is the latest effort to support the world's second largest economy made. Here, the country's economic growth momentum slowed, increasing the risk of deflation.
The country's central bank announced that the benchmark lending rate by 25 basis points to 5.35 percent - which is more than three months to the second cut, deposit benchmark interest rate 25 basis points to 2.5 percent, the rate cut will begin March 1 effect.
People's Bank of China issued a statement on its website, said:. "The focus is to keep the real interest rate adjustments to adapt to changes in economic growth, interest rates, prices, employment and other fundamental trend, does not mean that monetary policy changes."
Reported, but the People's Bank of China in the description of the policy background when using a new argument. The country's central bank said the interest rate adjustment will be to create a "neutral moderate" monetary and financial environment.
February 28 issued the statement referred to the "real interest rates." This also implies that prices continued to decline is an important factor in the decision to cut interest rates.
Shanghai Retrospect SW Securities economist believes the first week after the Spring Festival show government wants to cut interest rates to boost business confidence. Deflation is the number one enemy, the only constant quantitative easing (rate cut RRR) in order to ease the vicious cycle of deflation.
World Conference Board economist in Beijing, said Bo Ande stimulate investment may not be the main goal of the rate cut. Many Chinese companies are currently heavy debt burden, allowing these companies to refinance at a lower interest rate is to put one of their pocket more cash option.
Reported that more than Minsheng Securities economist in the research book on the cuts made in response to the news, which wrote: "Even after the rate cut, the economy is unlikely to immediately stabilize