Abe's government urged the international community a sincere apology

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Two days earlier, Asian Americans and American civil society organizations to hold anti-war protest in front of the US Capitol, requires Abe to war crimes committed by Japan remorse and apology. "Abe should formally apologize," "justice for the comfort women," "remorse is not equal to apologize" ...... people armed with all kinds of banners speeches, protests Abe deliberately ambiguous on the history issue, he refused to apologize. 
87-year-old South Korean comfort women victims Lee Yong-Su also came to the protest site. 2007, the Federal House of Representatives passed resolution No. 121, urging the Japanese government to the Japanese army during World War II forced recruitment of 200,000 comfort women apologize. At that time, Lee Yong-Su sat on the House hearing gallery, spoke about his age of 16 by the Japanese sex slavery and forced recruitment of tragic experience. Resolution No. 121 by nearly eight years, Lee Yong-Su still waiting for a formal apology from the Japanese government. 
Korean organization "Washington Coalition comfort women" 28 and 29 consecutive days to protest outside the Capitol, and the site issued a statement criticizing Japan in World War II 70 years later still been trying to beautify the history of aggression that much invited Ann In the US Congress speech is a mockery of justice and peace. Asia and the Pacific in World War II Holocaust commemoration Greater Washington President Chen Zhuang Fei told reporters on the Japanese World War II crimes liquidation yet to have been completely finished, the victims are still waiting for a formal apology from the Japanese government, "Only a sincere apology to achieve genuine reconciliation." 
Former Secretary General of Dongguk North East History Foundation Stone played in the interview with this reporter pointed out that this year is the 70th anniversary of the victory of the world anti-fascist, the Japanese government's understanding of history has always been a stumbling block to impede peace and development in East Asia. Abe hopes to take into account the emotional hurt by the Japanese invaders nationals in neighboring countries, is a major step towards reconciliation.


Lenovo to completely change their

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Yang said in his speech, is now an Internet + era, the user in the event of changes in the forms of all walks of life are changing. For such enterprises association, many have been the traditional means and methods of operation, and now Lenovo needs rapid and thorough transformation. 

"From a product-centric company to a user-centric business transformation, the transition from selling products to business customers, and this is our new mission." Yang said that in such a change, the association to the product and business model the realization of complete transformation. 

Yang believes that the association be transformed into a user-centric company. "Various Internet may seem complicated, but it's like a tree, and then flourish, deep-rooted, and only one root, a thread that user ...... from a product-centric company, to user- centric companies shift business customers to shift from selling products, which is Lenovo's new mission. " 

Yang also told staff, change not just lip service, but to every team efforts. In specific operations, Lenovo Group in addition to focus on their own online sales channels outside the interaction with the user is also Yang repeatedly stressed. 

Yang repeatedly mentioned in his speech yesterday, "social media" and even showed off his "private photos" on micro-Bo Yang also constantly prove to Lenovo employees transformation of a middle-aged uncle, and he wanted to lead the transformation of the association determination. 

Swearing at the scene yesterday, Yang Yuanqing Lenovo managers requested more employees in social media "opened its doors" for Lenovo product endorsements, to interact with the user.


Ordinary users of the Apple Watch

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More than 3000 applications as Apple unveiled watch the final show in front of consumers. Although it is the same iOS system, but the effect of experience on the phone App, children up to move the wrist, but the user will feel very different. The first landing watch Apple applications, but also the first time to face a large number of real users of the evaluation, to see how we say? 

Overall rating 

The first reaction of many to get Apple users watch is the watch on the application, operating slower processing inaccurate. Such as Uber, for location positioning; such as the US several websites selling Redfin or Zillows, its page processing time generally required several seconds.


Ten scores CUP Alipay

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One day in 2004, he went into the Shanghai Pudong is located at 300 Pine Road, the headquarters of China UnionPay, China UnionPay to Meet senior, he looking for the latter to resolve the payment issue on ebay. 

Informed sources told the "China News Weekly", that was a short meeting lasted only about half an hour. 

Both sides at the negotiating table, there is exuberant ambition waiting to be realized. 

Ma Yungang Taobao created a year ago, he used provocative language to tell those skeptical onlookers, Taobao to defeat international electricity supplier giant EBAY. But China UnionPay established two years, has just completed the first generation bankcard inter-bank transaction settlement system. 

However, the outcome of the talks was disappointing - there is no shelf space for cooperation, the two sides had to politely said, "find the opportunity now." 

At this year's December 8, Ma set up to pay the company. However, in the next decade long, Alipay and UnionPay has been no opportunities for cooperation. From 2013 to date, in the interpretation of the media, and filled in between the two sides is only seem barriers, competition, misunderstanding and even conspiracy. 

A decade later, the world's largest Internet third-party payment platform, Alipay and largest global annual card volume between China UnionPay bank card organization, in the end what happened?


Internet paradox

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I do not think this is superfluous text. For several years, I have been celebrating the positive power of the Internet, continuing criticism of its chauvinism, and heavy pressure to bring it to the global environment. 

In people's eyes, deforestation, drainage, overgrazing, and the like are the biggest environmental crisis channels. Many environmentalists, went overseas Yosemite sigh, oh you want to protect the environment and so on. In fact, e-waste pollution increasingly heavy, and very subtle. 

The United Nations Educational and Research under the United Nations University report released on the 19th, 2014, a record number of global e-waste, which per capita output in the forefront of those countries with high environmental awareness and pride. 

Reported worldwide last year produced 41.8 million tons of electronic waste, most discarded refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances, such as mobile phones. Among them, nearly 60% of the weight of electronic waste from large and small kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities; 7% arising from discarded mobile phones, calculators, personal computers and printers. 

If these garbage trucks loaded with heavy, can be filled with 1.15 million, in a line that stretches 23,000 km long. 

Among them, the US manufacturing 7.072 million tons, China ranked second, 6.032 million tons, Japan's third, 2.2 million tons. The per capita terms, the highest in Norway, to produce 28.4 kilograms per inhabitant per year. Followed by Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, the United States and Austria. E-waste per capita is the lowest yield in areas of Africa, 1.7 kg / person, produced a total of 1.9 million tons of garbage. 

Can see, the developed countries, especially those who advocate environmental protection of the highest degree, the highest per capita figures. Of course, the per capita figures can easily cover up the problem, especially in the electronic pollution along the coast, the greatest symbol of a country like China in Guiyu, Taizhou and other places. 

This is just rubbish products digital electronic terminal. In fact, the birth of each terminal in a variety of energy consumption, environmental pollution crisis are not calculated. Since 2007, Apple's supply chain enterprise for more than the crisis broke, and some appeared to be the topic of sweatshops, some explosive topic, while others are direct emissions, radiation topic. 2007, 2009, 2010, I have been involved directly or indirectly reports of this kind, such as Wuxi Matsushita cadmium poisoning events. You can see the negative effects of pollution, has moved from the physical level, extending to the people, the spiritual dimension. 

My home Ergu engaged in waste electrical recycling, earn a lot of money, in Shandong Jining Jiaxiang bought the property several places. Her home was once a mountain of e-waste. Certainly not the kind of shocking small components, but large-scale equipment. But I still have doubts, which continues to generate healthy family with injuries. She should have a handsome and tall, learning and good son, was a very promising sports athlete, but suddenly suffering from a brain tumor at age 14, and soon died. I reminded many times, they do not care. It makes me very upset, but not mandatory. That, after all, is their survival, basic wealth. 

Past electronic products, especially large appliances, because there is no over-stressed intelligent, links sex, their life is relatively higher. Some televisions use up to 10 years or even longer. Modern electronic products, appearance, materials are very fast hardware, such as mobile phones, some brands emphasize their artistic piece of steel, some emphasize matte aesthetics, but a fact is that these phones have to be replaced within a year of . Manufacturers spread is "upgrade, out", often spread when the new attack opponent, at self-mutilation, the temptation to buy ads through crazy, annual.


FM intelligent hardware is on the rise

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Recent fiery fights FM infringement shelf event, several protagonist is lychee FM, Himalayan FM, listen to FM. Quarrel around the infringement, vicious competition and fabricated data. Things on the Internet, who said the clear? Not a curse frame we care about each other. Our concern is: do these companies actually are doing software hardware it! 

Why is that? With one saying: "Content Services + intelligent hardware" model, enhance the user experience, so as to enhance product viscosity. App origin so these companies do hardware just to play better software features. 

Behind this seemingly software tear forced war, we also see that there have been attempts before and WiFi audio, Internet radio company car these intelligent hardware grafting, also began one foot into intelligent hardware line of business, becoming a The new competition points. 

However, whether this new model will generate demand? This is a problem. 

Radio has gone from tubes to transistors, to integrated circuits, from shortwave to FM, then microwave, from analog to digital form, from various stages of development for stationary use to mobile use, etc., radio technology has become an important pillar of the modern information society . 

"April 1 (May 2, 1897) Guangxu twenty-three years' Affairs reported that" Article 25 published translations "wireless telegraphy", which is the term first appeared in wireless telegraphy in China. Since then, opened via radio reported on spreading the prelude. " 

Early wireless telegraphy technology is mainly used to make use of journal papers. The China Radio precisely at this time began to be leaps and bounds. 

70s of last century, "three to one ring" means big watches, sewing machines, bicycles and radios. At that time, also known as radio semiconductors, or, a rare symbol of abundance of goods. 

After that, the radio as part of live entertainment has made considerable progress. From the hand of the "big box" to the palm-sized, from the transistor to the tube and then to the microcontroller, from a few people rich symbolism to life everywhere. 

Until the first years of the 21st century, cheap radios also become part of the life of the elderly and students, but to decline is irreversible thing. 

The reason is simple: wave bands are limited and rare, restricted radio license application is critical.


Xi Jinping in Pakistan parliament

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China spoke highly of the all-weather friendship and all-round cooperation with Pakistan, stressing Pakistan to constantly enrich the connotation of the two countries share a common destiny, to create a community of destiny to play an exemplary role in Asia. Xi Jinping, China's peaceful development concept introduced expounded China good-neighborly and friendly policy towards South Asia, said that China is willing to South Asian countries to strengthen cooperation and achieve mutual development and common prosperity. 

Xi Jinping arrived at Parliament House, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the Senate President Rabbani, etc. to meet National Assembly Speaker Sadik, and then went to the lecture hall, accompanied by Xi Jinping. 

When Xi Jinping into the lecture hall, the audience rose as well, and pound the table in the traditional way to welcome the arrival of Chinese guests. President Rabbani delivered a warm speech on behalf of the Palestinian parliament and a warm welcome Xi Jinping's visit to Pakistan to visit Pakistan parliamentary speech, praised the Pakistan-China friendship remained intact. In the warm applause, Xi Jinping delivered a speech. 

Xi pointed out that the friendship between China and Pakistan is the utter devotion of faith turn of solidarity in adversity, called the model of friendly coexistence between countries. During this visit, I am with President Hussein, Prime Minister Sharif agreed to enhance China-Pakistan relations for all-weather strategic partnership, which is a stark portrayal of Pakistan locating all-weather friendship and all-round cooperation, indeed deserved. 

Xi stressed that, as early as 2,000 years ago, the Silk Road in between our two ancient civilizations built a bridge of friendship. In modern times, Pakistan have suffered imperialism, colonialism, aggression and oppression, similar historical experiences and common history of struggle, so that the people of Pakistan empathy. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China and Pakistan established the all-weather friendship and conducted all-round cooperation on issues involving each other's core interests have always understood and supported each other. Adversity, China and Pakistan are good neighbors deeply felt increasingly precious, warm friends. 

Xi stressed that China and Pakistan are shouldering the historic task of national rejuvenation, dedicated to the great dream of national strength and prosperity. We all need to work together closely than ever to play the advantages of the traditional friendship between the two countries, geographical advantages adjacent, complementary economic strengths, share opportunities, meet challenges and seek common development, and constantly enrich the connotation of China and Pakistan share a common destiny, the better for the benefit of both the people of the country, to promote stability and prosperity in the region, to create a community of destiny to play an exemplary role in Asia. 

First, Pakistan want mutual help deepen strategic cooperation. To maintain high-level visits and regular meetings of tradition and strengthen cooperation on major strategic issues and support each other on issues concerning each other's core interests and major concerns. 

Second, Pakistan must Hiroyoshi financial benefit and achieve common development. Pakistan to play a leading role in the construction of economic corridors of bilateral pragmatic cooperation in construction as the central corridor to Gwadar Port, energy, infrastructure construction, industrial cooperation, focusing on the formation of "1 + 4" cooperative arrangement, so that the fruits of development benefit all the people of Pakistan, and thus benefit the peoples of the region. 

Third, Pakistan must be affiliated adhere friendship for generations. 2015 is the year of friendly exchanges and Pakistan, we want to carry out various forms, content-rich celebration. To encourage their young generation more contacts, more exchanges. China will provide 2000 training places for Pakistan over the next five years, and to help Pakistan train 1000 Chinese teachers. 

Fourth, China and Pakistan want stood total of security challenges. China will strengthen cooperation with Pakistan to jointly deal with non-traditional security threats, provide reliable security for economic cooperation and common development of the two countries. 

Fifth, China and Pakistan should bravely assumed responsibility for strengthening international cooperation. To maintain strategic communication on international and regional situation, strengthen coordination and cooperation on major global and regional issues, to push for Afghan reconciliation process, and jointly promote the construction of a new type of international relations at the core of win-win cooperation. 

Xi stressed that the Chinese nation cherishes peace, China will adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation, unswervingly develop friendly cooperation with all countries in the world, according to adhere to the concept of pro-Yung Cheng Hui, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with neighboring countries, and strive to make their own development better benefit the neighboring countries. China will unswervingly pursue a win-win strategy of opening up, develop an open economy, efforts to bring new opportunities and space for the development of Asia and the world. We hope to strengthen cooperation with "along the way" along the country together to create an open platform for cooperation, provide a new impetus for the sustainable development of the region. 

Xi Jinping stressed build CMB community of destiny, is a strategic choice and Pakistani governments and peoples from the fundamental interests of the two countries made. Let us join hands together to create a better future for both countries. 

When Xi Jinping speech, lawmakers applauded 50 times table and slap on Xi Jinping's speech expressed recognition and support. After the speech, the Prime Minister Sharif and Pakistan parliamentary leaders speak again thanked Xi Jinping, praised Pakistan-China friendship. 

Before the speech, Xi Jinping attended the China PAPP parliament building solar photovoltaic project opening ceremony. 

Mrs. Peng Liyuan President Xi Jinping and Wang Huning, Li gauntlet, Yang Jiechi were present at the above activities.


Comparison of Conventional online payment methods

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Advertising on the Internet Alliance (eg Google AdSense), Internet Marketing (eg Google AdWords) and other services when problems are inevitable to encounter online payments, many novice questions in this regard are not very understanding, for common The collection and payment tools, there are some doubts and confusion, and some wrong choices often will bring some previously unanticipated problems themselves. Here I will discuss some of the relevant issues. 

Ad networks and network marketing's main concern is the issue of receipts and payments. How can we ensure their safe payment, to ensure that their funds are not unlawful appropriation, which is the payment of the most notable security issues. In terms of payment, if there's fastest collect their own money from advertisers safest, but also consider selecting one point different ad networks. 

Overseas online payment methods are the following: check, credit card receivables, PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union and Paypal. Here is some of the most common major receivables and payment tools for a comparison and evaluation, while the security and risk analysis of each tool. 


Cheque (Check) is a negotiable instrument issued entrusted to handle the amount of the check deposit bank or other financial institutions in the sight unconditional payment to the payee or the holder of the notes. Checks can be used for payments and receivables. 

Payment Features 

As individual buyers who can make a payment by check, but in Internet trading is extremely rare, mainly because of the domestic business is not mature personal checks, Social Credit (Credit deletion) makes a personal check business step. At present, only a few provisions of the Bank of China in Guangdong and Shanghai, personal checks can handle business, for local people must be permanent residents, good credit (non-residents shall be resident with good credit guarantee). Even so, the phenomenon of issuing bad checks still abound, making businesses, banks their prohibitive, in the Internet environment, it is difficult to cross-check the regional and national use, so in China, personal checks as a means of payment is difficult As the popularity of it like the United States.


South Africa vandalism arrest more than 110 suspects

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Currently xenophobic riots in South Africa has been under control, the evening of 18 to 19 morning, riot-hit Durban and Johannesburg basic no further incidents of vandalism. South African police say, the police arrested more than 110 suspects involved in vandalism. South Africa's Minister of the Interior Ji Jiaba 19, said that as an important preventive measure, has deployed 350 soldiers in the border areas. However, the police chief in South Africa Feiye Jia criticized Western media exaggerate the seriousness of the situation. She stressed that the situation is not, as some Western media has been rendered as out of control. According to the South African media reported that the current unrest has killed six people were killed and dozens injured, thousands of immigrants have fled. 

Although the South African government has repeatedly said it would take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of foreigners, but some African countries have started to withdraw their citizens in South Africa. Currently, Malawi, Mozambique, Somalia, Kenya and Nigeria, said the government started a program to evacuate citizens. Nationals from these countries are also affected by the impact of the unrest in the most serious.


Marketing is invalid

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In 2005 and 2006, when, in the forum to write a soft article marketing is done once implanted in a very easy thing. Because, at that time, the forum atmosphere is quite simple, many companies have not yet realized the value of the forum is much word of mouth marketing. And to 07,08 years, more and more water military invasion to the forum, webmasters and moderators hard with "Water Army" doing the fight, but in doing business, driven by strong demand for social marketing, vest a lot of bulk in the forum appear some automatic posting software is developed. Thus, the forum posted more and more spam advertising, forums ecology is destroyed, the people began to flee, the forum began to decline. 

Then, in August 2009, became the first open Sina microblogging service portal, which opened microblogging social marketing-oriented era. Microblogging almost repeated the fading old forum, a large number of corporate and government microblogging settled, a lot of marketing account in the interests of drivers are batch manufactured on Taobao is the emergence of a large number of micro-Bo powder and increase Forwarding comment businesses, thousands of zombie accounts were created marketing software company. Just a month long, many users will not worry when 10 fans spend 10 dollars on Taobao will be able to direct up 10,000 zombie powder. In Sina Weibo strong push power and support, more and more enterprises into account microblogging, and social marketing as a mainstream position, a lot of good morning and good night Jack enterprise product news, through special microblogging daily operations staff continued to be manufactured, and regularly pushed to their fans. Microblogging start by businesses, media, government, marketing, account completely occupied, microblogging ecology has been destroyed, people began to flee.


Xi Jinping accepted nine new ambassadors

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CCTV network news (News Network): President Xi Jinping April 14 to accept the nine new ambassadors presented his credentials in the Great Hall. They are: Ambassador Namengdewei Malawi, Africa Ambassador Mba Zuoe, Tonga Ambassador Wu Tae map, British Ambassador Wu Cabernet, Thai Ambassador ti music Kun, South Africa Ambassador Msimang, Kazakhstan Ambassador Nuleishefu, ROK Ambassador Kim Jang-soo, Antigua and Barbuda Ambassador Stuart - Yang. 

Xi Jinping, China welcomes foreign envoys took office, asking them to convey the cordial greetings and good wishes to all the leaders and people of the countries concerned. Xi said China is willing to continue to strengthen pragmatic cooperation with friendly countries, and work together to safeguard world peace and promoting world prosperity. Chinese government will provide all the diplomatic envoys to perform their duties to facilitate and support, I hope that the envoys with the countries concerned to promote the development of bilateral relations between China and promote the friendship between China and the peoples concerned to make a positive contribution. 

Foreign envoys conveyed their state leaders Xi Jinping cordial greetings, wishing prosperity of China and play an increasingly important role in international affairs. The envoys said China's development is an important opportunity for the world, countries have attached great importance to relations with China and appreciates and supports China launched the "vicinity of the way" and Asian infrastructure investment banking initiatives. Diplomats say, can at this time honored mission to China, will enhance their national efforts with the friendship and cooperation with China.


IM cloud services

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Current mobile developer services, mainly to provide the hardware and bandwidth services and software services laaS SaaS model, and followed up the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) services, services including hardware, language, development libraries, the equivalent of semi-finished products, to help software developers to directly embed software modules, thus faster development of software services. Mobile developers using PaaS services can quickly load functionality to their products, thus reducing development costs and development time. Also can be used to provide operation and maintenance services PaaS platform, and reduce costs again. 

There are already a number of vendors offer PaaS services, such as for statistics, push, LBS, voice, IM, etc., and modules. PaaS vendors typically focus on a particular area of ??technology development, research and development across the pit with the strength, technology is more advanced. Can help developers to control costs, saving development time while ensuring technology professional. When there are more coming PaaS vendors to provide a variety of services modules, when For Redevelopment App, perhaps as simple and stacking wood. Able to change the application of production, rapid low-cost access to advanced technology, this is the core value of PaaS. 
PaaS service providing each module, where the largest IM cloud services and contract research of micro-channel correlation, so I do IM cloud services related understanding. App and IM functionality to improve user activity has great value, one enhanced customer relationship, allowing users to interact with each other within the App, allows users to settle in the App. The second is to facilitate communication between business users, the user can communicate directly with the enterprise, enhance the user is connected to the enterprise, enhance customer service capabilities. 

IM cloud service instant messaging technology vendors will encapsulate App SDK for developers todownload and use, and to provide a platform for environmental, technical support and post operation and maintenance and other services developers, the App enables developers to quickly acquire the ability to instant messaging, to achieve single chat, group chat, and other functions, to meet the social, customer demand and other scenes, so that every ordinary App quick access to IM functionality. 

IM cloud services compared with other functions, not only need to support high bandwidth, but also the technical strength of more stringent requirements. Because the number of simultaneous user connections is a key indicator of the strength of the reaction IM service provider cloud, such as financial cloud CTO Yang Pan said: "In addition to a stable and reliable mechanism to convey the message, while the absolute ability to support concurrent online and elastic scalability of cloud services cloud Basic indicators of service. "In areas served millions IM user's level of only a handful of companies, except in the case of flying beyond Tencent believed to have owned more than 500 million users. According to iResearch released "2015 White Paper on IM cloud services industry" shows the total average daily user support customers ranked the highest amount of market financial IM service provider cloud, its parent company Ultrapower listed companies, the backbone of the team members from the team fetion with 8 years experience in operation and maintenance of IM development, regarded as "natural" professional players IM cloud services.


Who threat Taobao

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This year a few things associated with Taobao thinking led to the author. In early March, the day the cat was caused by President Wang Yulei attention, but after that, the king dismissed the Bobcats Yulei Chairman Zhang Jianfeng unified management of lynx, Taobao, cost-effective. In addition, Alibaba Group's Taobao, lynx, cost-effective integrated into a unified "Alibaba China retail platform .3.18" is not long ago abandoned after the end of the festival life Taobao, Taobao manufacturing capacity and the Bobcats festival compared to the former dwarfs. In my opinion, reflects these details, Taobao is facing an increasingly difficult situation. 

According to Ali Baba 2014 results, total retail trading platform Alibaba China is 787 billion yuan, an increase of 49 percent over the previous year. Among them, the total amount of the transaction Taobao Mall 494 billion yuan, an increase of 43%; lynx's total trade 293 billion yuan, an increase of 60% over the previous year. You can see, Taobao Ali also contributed a lot of sales, starting in 2012, but we know that the decline in growth of Taobao, lynx growth has exceeded Taobao.
Ali grew fat cat day, lost Taobao. We know that business foundation for the development of ecological Taobao, Taobao seller supports C bedding shop, Taobao in 800 years of the establishment of small Taobao sellers. However, due to the independent lynx, transportation, resources, policies favoring lynx brand big seller. Is a typical two hundred ten year, lynx game set a higher threshold, all the advertising, shop Store Home Themes point twice supermarket 11 large enterprises, and is connected to the introduction of traffic, but with the contrast Taobao is the case of two-12 cold dilute pommel horse.
We know that the quality of the lynx has a valid route, whether it is Apple, Prada and other well-known high-end brands are basically solved the lynx, it is learned, only British brand into, reaching more than 130 people. Bobcats change aspects of the settlement in early March lynx independent investment rule changes targeted investment, which is directly to the lynx solve threshold, but also strengthened the quality control of the platform. We can say that the lynx is a major domestic and international high-end brands to form adhesion platform, Lynx chase the quality of the road, but also reshape Ali's international image. But look at Taobao, insiders know that in January this year, SAIC released the second half of 2014 net trading commodities target monitoring, Taobao is displayed as "37.25%" real rate ranked last cause Taobao platform and SAIC war on all electricity suppliers, even Ali led to a continuous decline in the stock. Listing Taobao Ali seems to be a stumbling block on the way of international Ali, Taobao fake widely criticized, cats every day life of debauchery, bears and lynx also Alibaba remodeling responsibility.


Mini-computing era

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Intel introduced the world's smallest computer to calculate the discount now. Equipment into Linux and Windows versions of the Tablet PC hardware level, you can access the TV HDMI interface, with quad-core Baytrail Atom processor, 2 gb RAM, 32 gb of memory, and comes with a USB 3.0 port and a mini-USB port. Meanwhile, Asus and Google launched Chromebit computer, you can become a Chrome OS computer on a TV screen, costing less than $ 100. Rod is not occasional computing: Apple look violent, intelligent hardware sprung up, a "mini computing era" is coming.
Last year, hundreds of thousands of intelligent machines capacity, personal computers have been comparable to; Now, U disk size calculation of rod can be horizontal tablet. Devices become smaller and smaller, but more powerful computing capacity, this is a major trend.
The rapid development of Internet, Internet of things (iot). Wearable devices, smart home, smart cars is higher and higher demand for computing power, the premise is not influence their own form, function. This need is more mysterious calculation method, through calculating insist on instant change to TV, smart TV or computer is an appropriate way. Smaller components will watches, automobiles, home appliances, table... Powerful computation ability in the future.
More and more small devices, computing capacity growth trend, what I call the "mini computing."


Apple Watch Day

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Today, I spent more time than usual to a detailed view of all the comments on the website of Apple watches and abroad. While previous function watches have almost been exposed, but because of Apple's restrictions of public relations, media or technology can only look at Apple began yesterday to comment on the article. What we can do is try to put these new articles, take a look at the real, these digital editing feel after wearing trial. After all, I have already said, only when you actually use the product is smart, you'll understand what it gives you the feeling, and the use of this product, this is definitely not an easy experience to spend 15 minutes in the store to find some Editing a week's time, all the time using Apple's watch, but still feel relatively short period of time, and not enough to carry the conclusions. 
Overall, this actually has a lot of Apple technology media see tucao place, but the heart has fear, afraid to do too much to see the negative comments of Apple, it may be because they have learned in 2007 of the first generation of Apple iPhone lesson. Although it now appears the first generation iPhone is a revolutionary product, but its flaws can be said now is almost exactly the same as Apple's watch, standby time short, only functional machine the same functionality, the application has not been introduced in the store. Although Apple has launched a full-screen finger, this revolutionary multi-touch interaction, but the first-generation iPhone Scalability is very bad, to buy is to be used as guinea pigs obvious. After that, the app store, people began to realize the unity of iPhone.


Microsoft is launching Nano

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In Silicon Valley, such as Google and Twitter daily giant huge online business will pass through thousands of machines, in order to allow the software to run more efficiently in mixed hardware, talented engineers chose the open-source Linux operating system and has developed a new technology called containers. Anyway, they do not have Windows. 

As Microsoft's flagship operating system, Windows and Linux differences between left and right like a gap, and a sturdy, an open; a tough, a gentle, a stubborn, a work-around; a monopoly, a democracy. Linux penguin cluster effect caused almost Microsoft Pushed to the wall, and container technology has become the preferred application of cloud computing. Google, Twitter's behind, so that Linux has become the protagonist of the new era. As conservatives, Microsoft is trying to represent a new revolution to seize the last straw. 
Evolutions, became a top priority. So, this fall, Microsoft is about to imitate Linux Containers technology added to the new version of Windows systems. According to intelligence that Microsoft engineers currently being intensively developed an ultra-streamlined version of Windows is not only technology but also enables the container to provide different levels of security. This new system is named Windows Server Nano. Oh, Nano, which is the iPod classic, also F1 driver Fernando Alonso's nickname. Moreover,they have a common characteristic - movement.


Internet era

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Indecisive, perhaps because my future work lately has been a problem has been hovering in my mind and said: "? The Internet era, really suits you." 
I know, for those who are familiar with the "U disk life," promising young normal intelligence, in answer to this question is simple: their slogan. Ah, I agree. Forgot to say, if the 19th century empire who is part of the twentieth century, a large company, then the 21st century will undoubtedly belong to the individual. 

First of all, talk about personal employment with the company, it is easy relationship, the fact is: the traditional Japanese company representative system of lifetime employment is being dismantled. This is nothing to say, "the company's nature" like Kos article says: the value of the company lies in the time, controversy, confusion and "transaction costs" of existence and other errors are minimized. Binding nature of the company's resources to deal with market uncertainty temporary buildings. - Therefore, the traditional industrial age, the industrial structure is relatively cured, far below the current market uncertainty, especially those hidden giant companies and employees agree: a lifetime of work in exchange for a lifetime of loyalty. In those days, a stable career marriage, divorce, resignation shocked, but there are a lot of climbing, and so every employee in fixed tissue, until retirement, most people seem to work only in the imagination.
However, as Daniel Pink's "realm of freedom", said: "The production of the industrial age, the means of wealth creation tool is very large, so you need a large organization to raise funds to find a venue to coordinate everyone's work to create wealth, Today, the production is a Internet era laptop or tablet ...... a very interesting is that people live longer, but life is getting shorter organization. Most of us will be over survival of the organization of our work, and then continue working life increasingly rare. "


Ali, who is the financial sector

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Ali is a key driving force inherent increased disintermediation, had to sell the store, you need layers of agents, the cost will eventually produce all of these things are reflected in the final price of the product, and the price is often more than half of this part, the percentage is even up to 90%. Thus, when a model can delete all the intermediate costs, then it is bound to have a price advantage. Millet these companies further reflected in the final price of the cost of advertising, in order to create a very low price in a situation arise.
Analogy of the financial sector, we will be surprised to find that the optimization of commercial banks in the middle layer. The only difference is that it does not produce the product, but the sales are closed, the equivalent of selling second-hand goods, but not because of the money and the devaluation of the old, so flea new products and non-discriminatory.

Commercial banks need to face the birth of disintermediation trend, it is difficult to make in this direction is the middle layer is greater than the value of its loss. Commercial banking functions is indeed different, but the effect can not be removed as long as it's main business and financial intermediaries to pay, you can not get rid of this confrontation. Insiders tube called disintermediation this trend, but whether it is capital or technology disintermediation, abstract terms basically disintermediation.


iPhone TM

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Apple had begun as early as 2013 Reuse and Recycling Program in the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries and regions, and the recovery from the initial approach must go to Apple retail stores to fill some online phone status and send the phone to Apple can. But even if there is a halo and operators with environmental and other factors that could total is not large, Americans for mobile phone is slow, and the contract machine. Also have been tucao place is old phone discount is not high, such as in the iPhone 5S era enchant get iPhone 5, but also 150-200 dollars. A friend of mine over a year ago to buy Samsung Galaxy Note mobile phones, because the iPhone was not big enough, he chose the Samsung, and now Apple is very interested in the project for mobile phones, but there is a part in Apple for mobile phone to remind him to take Samsung mobile phones it can only go to the Apple store dollar estimate tens of it, he said, also want to change anyway, a few dollars can also reduce costs. He's such a mentality is Apple's goal, a small company leveraging consumer spending.

Pricing in China recycling old mobile phones is relatively low, iPhone 4 recovery price 250 yuan, iPhone 4S recovery price of 500 yuan, recovery price is 800 yuan iPhone 5, iPhone 5S recovery price of 1,500 yuan. This fact, and the United States is consistent with the pricing, not Apple's discrimination users in China, mainly because the United States did so powerful Chinese hand phone market, Apple does not know Chinese people can play your old phone for Apple so many tricks, and whether discount given how much the company is spending for Apple, as long as small pry the old iPhone users to consume, to pay the cost of Apple's natural as possible.